Artistic studies with the academy of the Art schools de Tournai:
-3 years in the painting section
-5 years in the drawing section
1994: Diploma from the Royal Academy of Belgium.

During all of the above years, she was the student of Jean-Louis Pion, a Belgian surrealist who was a student of Delvaux. He transmitted to her the taste of the charcoal and pastel.
Living most of the year in Ile d’Yeu (a small island off the western coast of France), her work is always closely related to the sea. Her early career focused on close-ups of fish, with all the richness of colors which the technique of pastel work offers. Later she widened her subjects to include lighthouses, details of upperworks and boats.
Following her trip on the French navy ship ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ where she discovered the universe of the French Navy, she painted a serie of paintings illustrating life on board, she used other techniques working with Indian ink and acrylic resin on fabric with collages where texture was a key focus of the work.
Currently she is working on a serie of fabrics which could be called "le fond et la forme" (“depth and style”): she initially puts together a tapestry of old documents and newspapers, the superimposing of papers and successive layers of paintings offer a multitude of backgrounds to her. She uses this as a base for the second layer consisting of fish and shellfish of the Atlantic. Regardless of the directions of her work, one will always be able to always recognise the fish theme in her paintings! All the force of her work resides in associations of colors; for this reason she always enjoys returning to work with pastel.